How Cold Is It? Nancy Knows!




Don’t you just cringe at those ridiculous bad weather live shots when the reporter stands in the middle of a flood/hurricane/blizzard or whatever, just to tell us how wet/windy/cold it is?

Well, every now and then, somebody gets it exactly right:  



Just a couple of words about the reporter, Nancy Loo.

She’s a pro’s pro. She was one of the original reporters at New York 1, the Time Warner outlet where you had to shoot your own stories as well as report them, something utterly unheard of in New York City at the time. The petite Ms. Loo (they call her “Big Tiny”) was one of seven intrepid young journalists shlepping around camera gear, setting it up, and doing the work of 2 or 3 people, in addition to reporting the actual news. And she did it remarkably well. Because, at age 28, New York 1 was far from her first gig.

Born in Hong Kong, Loo started her career in that city at TVB Pearl, followed by stints at ABC Radio and Japan Cable TV. When she arrived in New York she freelanced at News 12 Long Island, took two years off to raise her first child, then moved on to NY1 where, among other things, she reported on the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, staying on the air continuously while other stations, their WTC antennas knocked out, went dark.

Loo soon graduated to WABC-TV in New York, staying there seven years before moving to Chicago in 2001, first at WFLD and eventually to WGN where she is now.

In that 30-year career Loo has done everything, won a roomful of awards, embraced social media (check out her “Big Tiny World” blog)  and even experienced labor pains during a newscast (she drove herself to the hospital after the show and delivered her second child.)

In short, Nancy knows her stuff. So when they sent her out in 5 degree cold for yet another Captain Obvious live shot, Big Tiny did us all proud.